Medicaid & Crisis Care Planning

Medicaid & Crisis Care Pl…

Long-term illness can quickly deplete an individual’s life savings. There are several ways to afford long-term care, which allows for the preservation of an existing estate plan. Medicaid is one of these options. While Medicare can be used to provide health care services, Medicaid is the only program designed for long-term care assistance.

A Crisis Care Plan gives family caregivers the guidance needed to protect the legal, financial, and personal well-being of elderly loved ones who need immediate care outside the home in order to keep them safe.

People who benefit from Crisis Care Planning typically fall into one or more of the following categories:

  1. They are dependent on others for self-care.
  2. They are in need of long-term care outside the home.
  3. They are completely reliant on family or professional caregivers.
  4. Immediate action is needed to pay for care without bankrupting the family.