C.P - Thankful P. Family Journey

The Thankful Journey of The P. Family

It began Feb 20, 2020 and continued during Covid 19’s challenging first year and into 2021’s unsettling lockdowns, political unrest, limited social services, financial challenges , serious life challenging decisions. Becoming a single parent and caregiver 24/7 while trying to provide a Covid 19 free safe life. Our family of three: My husband of 49 years is struggling with multiple health challenges including Alzheimer’s and needs 24 hour care. My adult son is diagnosed with profound Autism, profound hearing loss, non-verbal, epilepsy and recovering from kidney cancer robotic surgery also needs 24 hour care.

How am I coping with my present situation and planning for the future?

Challenges: My husband is incapable of making his medical decisions. I need a legal team that can guide me through an ocean of decisions. In addition to medical intervention, I need a plan to protect our assets, provide a plan for my disabled son and a life plan for my family. Memory care is expensive! Our family plan is to provide a solid financial future for our disabled son and spending our life savings on caring for my husband is not an option. From the day Mary Kay Furiasse of A/Z Health & Elder law sat down to write wills and a special needs trust we were coached by the best of the best. I can call team members or email them and rest assured you will get a timely response! The dust is finally settling and we are well on our way to a life of medical funding needs met and a financial foundation that will serve our family in the future.

Thankful: We are still in crisis and life is day by day but rest assured my favorite word for 2021 is thankful. I am thankful that my husband is being cared for by a team of wonderful staff, my son is home with me during Covid 19. The court papers are filed, my bills are paid, my finances are managed, my son and I are living in our family home. The legal challenges are managed and now I can focus on caring for my family.